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Corporate Hypnotherapy and Coaching

Have you considered adding value to your business or company by using a Corporate Hypnotherapist to increase staff motivation?

Business hypnosis doesn’t just add value, it makes excellent financial sense. Corporate hypnosis can help reduce absenteeism, make your staff more productive and increase company morale.

If you are interested in finding out more about corporate hypnotherapy, staff discount schemes or employer subsidised treatments, please contact Gary Oke for a no-obligation discussion.

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Stress Management:

You are aware that you have a legal duty to provide employees with a physically safe environment,

but are you aware that if your staff suffer from stress you may be liable for damages?

Undue stress can undermine performance and lead to unnecessary absenteeism. Whilst work is not supposed to be a vacation, too much stress can be harmful, both physically and mentally.

Hypnotherapy is a great and quick way to reduce stress for anyone in the workplace leading to

increased performance.

Smoking Cessation:

The dangers of smoking are well known. In addition to this, obviously it is illegal to smoke in the workplace. Smoking is becoming less socially acceptable and staff who deal with customers or clients face to face may try to hide the tobacco smells but to do so completely is impossible. In addition to this, there are the obvious benefits of helping your employees become non-smokers; reduced sick leave and of course less "downtime" caused by cigarette breaks.

Motivation and Goal Setting:

Particularly useful for staff involved in sales or call centre environments, hypnotherapy can help to increase performance and accelerate goals and targets in to the subconscious mind so that they become beliefs.  This can help people achieve things that they have never achieved before and also assist those who find themselves “stuck in a rut”.

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills:

It is common for even the most confident people to struggle with nerves or anxiety when speaking to an audience. Hypnotherapy can give you or your employee the desired level of confidence during presentations or lectures.

Increase Creativity:

Those in creative occupations such as artists, authors, perfomance artists, marketing executives and any other creative position

can benefit from the increased flow of creativity that can be gained through the use of hypnotic techniques.