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What is Hypnotherapy?
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Hypnosis is a naturally occurring phenomenon used widely throughout the world by many doctors, dentists, psychologists and psychotherapists. Often referred to as "trance" it is simply a mind skill - a way to communicate with the problem solving part of the human mind. If you think of trance as a mystical control state, where the recipient is unconscious, asleep or has had their mind "taken over", you would be absolutely wrong - there is no truth in this whatsoever.

When used with psychotherapeutic techniques and suggestion, hypnosis can be a very effective form of treatment in the management of many disorders, both physical and psychological.

In 2001 the British Psychological Society published a report entitled The Nature of Hypnosis. The report opens with: Hypnosis is  a valid subject for scientific study and research a proven therapeutic medium. To quote the report further:

There is convincing evidence that hypnotic procedures are effective in the management and relief of both acute and chronic pain and in assisting in the alleviation of pain, discomfort and distress due to medical and dental procedures. Hypnosis and the practice of self-hypnosis may significantly reduce general anxiety, tension and stress in a manner similar to other relaxation and

self-regulation procedures. Likewise, hypnotic treatment may assist in insomnia in the same way as other relaxation methods. There is encouraging evidence demonstrating the beneficial effects of hypnotherapeutic procedures in alleviating the symptoms of a range of complaints that fall under the heading ‘psychosomatic illness’. These include tension headaches and migraine; asthma; gastro-intestinal complaints such as irritable bowel syndrome; warts; and possibly other skin complaints such as eczema, psoriasis and urticariaomas.

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Hypnosis is best described as a state of profound physical and mental relaxation, during which we are inwardly focused, aware of our immediate reality but with a comfortable sense of detachment.

You already experience trance states, for example daydreaming. When we daydream we become inwardly focused, completely involved in a memory or imaginary experience, even to the point of not being aware of someone talking to us - we become detached from the external world. Another example is having driven a car on a journey which you have covered many times before to find that when you arrive at your destination, you have no memory of part or parts of the journey, reading a book, listening to music and watching television are all trance states where you become so involved with what you are doing that you don't notice how time has passed or how deeply you relaxed.

There are similarities between these states and formal trance. In formal trance, the hypnotherapist will assist you to, "tune in" to this unique ability and help you use it in a more focused way. With the correct approach it is possible to influence the unconscious mind, accessing our vast learning experience, using resources that we seldom believe we have and discovering change.

Hypnotherapy involves the use of psychotherapy and other therapeutic techniques in association with hypnosis to create positive change whether it be to control weight, improve self esteem, manage emotional problems, overcome anxiety, or many other conditions you will find listed on the conditions treated page of this site.

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