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Treatment Prices

Sessions last between fifty and ninety minutes and are priced on a “per session” basis, not per hour. We believe this is better practice as client’s requirements are not all the same. The first session often lasts ninety minutes due to the consultation time required.

Please note that forty eight hours cancellation notice is required, otherwise the full cost of the session may be due.

Our cancellation and privacy policies can be found by clicking here.

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Quit Smoking Programme:                                                                                            £195.00

The session takes up to two hours and includes a CD recording of the session, telephone support, a further session free of charge if you do not stop smoking, if you start smoking again, or if you start a new habit (such as overeating) due to quitting smoking. There is no time limit, if you start again even years later, you can still come back for a free session.

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Weight Loss Programme:                                                                                              £320.00

This is an option for those who like to be sure of exactly how much the course of sessions will cost. This scheme consists of three sessions, after which, if there is not a marked difference in the way you are eating then you can attend up to three further sessions at no cost. In the unlikely event the problems return, the additional sessions can be used at a later date.This programme has proved to be so popular that other hypnotherapists have now copied it exactly!

Weight Loss With Gastric Band Hypnosis Programme:                                                £400.00

This scheme is the same format as the Weight Loss Programme but includes gastric band hypnosis sessions and consists of four to seven sessions as opposed to three to six sessions.

Please see the weight loss page of the website for more information.

Please note when choosing a hypnotherapist - The Department of Health recommends that, where CNHC registers the professional discipline in question, you consult with someone who is CNHC registered.

Per Session:                                                                                                                    £80.00

The session-by-session rate can be used for all treatments except for smoking cessation. We also offer fixed price schemes too. Sessions are recorded and a CD of your session is provided  so that you can reinforce the treatment in your own time. This often helps to reduce the number of sessions required. Hypnotherapy sessions last 50-90 minutes, please allow 90 minutes for the first session.

Gambling Addiction Programme:                                                                                  £320.00

This scheme works on the same basis as the weight loss hypnotherapy programme and consists of three sessions after which, if you are still gambling, you can attend up to three further sessions at no cost. In the unlikely event the problems return, the additional sessions can be used at a later date.

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